Catching up on life with snapshots

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures, so here are some.

Image  Playdate with a friend at a mall play area

ImageLeo going down the slide and my friend’s daughter in the background

ImageLeo found Silvia!

ImageShe had a good time trying to escape.  Why are babies always interested in the exit?  

ImageLeo playing pretend at the ice cream parlor at the Children’s Museum.

ImageThe kids watching a short dvd when I needed a bit of peace to work on dinner.

ImageSilvia after a bath so fresh and so clean clean.  Back to playing.

ImageAnd Leo obsessed with his Thomas the train books.


ImageThe kids at Joe’s aunt’s house on Thanksgiving Day.

ImageJoe playing with Silvia on their grandparents’ playground


ImageSilvia playing with her cousin.

ImageAll the cousins on my side playing together.  


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