7 Quick Takes Vol. 2

7 Quick Takes on awkward Christmas cards, my crazy husband and butt-kissing.

1. So by awkward Christmas cards, I mean awkwardly late.  It’s now January 24.  A couple weeks after Christmas I decided that we had one good picture that we could turn into a Christmas card.  We only ordered 10 to give to immediate family.  I think Joe took care of his family’s side.  Typical of me, I procrastinated.  Then, I addressed 2 of them and either lost them or sent them out.  I think I lost them.  And the days just keep passing.  People still appreciate Christmas cards in July…right?? cuz I think they might not get it til then.

2.We’ve had a series of mishaps around our house lately.  First, the weather here dipped down to -20 degrees and pipes were a-freezin!  I had done a couple cloth diaper wash cycles, but left them in the washer overnight and figured I’d finish them in the morning.  Well the pipes were frozen.  After a couple days of having a space heater in the basement and still no luck with the frozen pipes, I got impatient and started filling the washing machine with pots of hot water.  Joe woke up from his nap and caught me in the act.  He was concerned that it might not drain properly.  Hadn’t thought of that.  Oh well, I said.  Too late now, I said.  Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought he said I could try it. To my satisfaction, the cycle was running, but then all of a sudden the hose came undone and was spraying water all over the floor.  Some water got in the outlet and shorted it.  Thankfully, it didn’t fry the washing machine.

3.  Mishap #2:  Joe was laying a floor in the attic and decided that the old knob and tube wiring was in his way.  He assumed it was dead wires since he’d seen it at his friend’s house and it had been replaced 15 years ago.  Knob and tube wiring has been known to start fires and is now illegal to put in.  Anyway, he just starts cutting wires.  I told him that a fan in Silvia’s room was plugged in and just turned off on its own.  He was like oh sh*t.  And then he spent several hours reconnecting the wires.  And much to our surprise, the breaker box only had 3 breakers labeled and they weren’t even totally accurate.  This meant Joe had to turn off the main breaker to avoid getting electrocuted.  After our neighbor tried to help us, he suggested we take off the cover of the box to see “what the hell is going on behind there”.  I think  different people over time were just willy-nilly connecting wires to all sorts of random breakers …maybe a sick prank.

4.  Mishap#3: This one was all Joe again.  He spent the evening before I left for New York replacing the outlet I had shorted.  Being the procrastinator that I am, I had to wash my most important pair of jeans to take with me on the trip.  So I start a wash early in the morning and was running in the bathroom to move the clothes to the dryer.  Whoah! My feet are wet.  Oh my gosh! the whole floor is soaked.  The sink is running.  (That was a coincidence.  I left it on by accident.)  I start trying to figure out what caused it and discovered the hose to the washing machine was definitely not connected.  I call Joe.

Me: “Um, last night when you fixed the outlet, did you by chance take out the hose to the washing machine?”

Joe: “Yea.”

Silence.  We both knew what that meant.  Me: “You didn’t put it back in did you?”

So that was a fun morning, trying to get out of town, but having to mop up a soaked floor and dry my pants with 2 space heaters and 2 fans.

5. Today it’s -5 degrees here, but it feels like -18.  Our recycling service called to say they won’t be making the rounds today due to the weather.  The phone call was after Joe went on a 1.5 mile run to the auto repair shop to pick up our car this morning.  We talked about how he should stop and warm up in a store along the way if he became worried about frostbite (although he said many people don’t realize they’re getting frostbite until they’ve turned black and have to get amputated).  He made it there ok, but his beard was frozen over and as soon as he walked in the warm building it started dripping.  The workers there think he’s crazy.

6. This past weekend I flew to New York for a 3 day conference called the New York Encounter.  It’s put on by Communion and Liberation, a charism of the Catholic church.  One of my favorite parts of it was an exhibit on the author, Walker Percy.  He had an interesting life story in which he dealt with depression his whole life, but became fascinated by the human experience and tried to portray the strangeness of the human existence in his books.  I could relate to a lot of his sentiments.  You may have heard of some of his more popular books: The Moviegoer, God at the Ruins, and Lost in the Cosmos:The Last Self-Help Book.  I also got to hear a talk by Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete (who wrote God at the Ritz and is quite a comedian).

7. Today I’ve had to hold Silvia’s arms like a straightjacket several times to teach her not to hit Leo.  When I let her go this afternoon, I told her to tell Leo sorry.  Leo said “no”, and since he wouldn’t turn around so she could give him a kiss on the face, she bent over and kissed his butt instead.  Leo and I had a little laugh.

For more quick takes, visit Jen. Have a great weekend!


Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

Yep.  I did it.  I took the plunge and deleted my Facebook account after being a member since 2005.  That was way back when it was just for college students.  It’s been almost a daily part of my life for the past 8 years.  But you know what?  I haven’t regretted it or missed it these past few weeks.  It’s quite freeing.

From what I can tell, many people have a troubled relationship with Facebook.  On the one hand, you have all these people (some of which are friends) that you’re connected with and can easily share/receive information with, but on the other hand they tend to drive you crazy at times.  Facebook is ever-evolving and it’s gotten to the point where it was too distracting, frustrating and annoying for me.  People are always sharing links, some of which I found interesting, some of which I found infuriating.  I’d tell myself I would get on Facebook for a couple minutes, but then the shared links would catch my eye and I’d end up on it for much longer.  Clearly a fault of my own, but I’m glad the temptation is gone.  Also, I think people are more opinionated and louder on Facebook than they are in real life.  Jen says here that people who don’t have Facebook tend to view their friends more positively.  I can understand that for the same reasons she talks about.

I plan on keeping in better touch with people than I was when connected with them through Facebook.  It is too easy to have shallow friendships with people in which maybe you keep up with their life by reading their posts, but you don’t actually have face to face or phone to phone conversations.  As was mentioned in a talk at the New York Encounter (that I attended this past weekend), “the bonds of society are getting weaker”.  We’re less attached to one another.  Face to face encounters build relationship rather than passively keeping up with someone’s life (or what they feel like posting about their life) through the internet.  And if I think of someone and it’s been a while since I’ve seen them, it’s a reminder than I should call them to get together.

So yes, I’m excitedly trying to simplify my life, but I admit, it’s hard not to just switch out Facebook with some other online addiction, like keeping up with multiple bloggers.  But if I get this under control, I’ll be one step closer to freedom.  Freedom from the grasp of the internet.


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