A birthday for the not-so-baby

Sunday was Silvia’s 1st birthday.  I’m so happy to be at this point.  When my kids are newborns I think 1 year sounds so far away.  And oftentimes I wish I could skip some of those early months when they are so dependent on me and no one can take my place it seems.  Silvia especially was very dependent on me for about the first 9 months and wouldn’t take a bottle until about 7 months.  This meant I had to be around her for EVERY feeding; so 2 to 3 hours apart from her was all I was allowed.  It was constantly weighing on my mind whenever I went out.  And then she was also very attached to me (and eventually Joe, too).  But if a stranger dared to look at her, she would scream like a banshee.

But I like my independence.  And it feels good now to know that if I’m out shopping, I don’t have to hurry home because she’ll be just fine.  Or if I want to go dancing with a friend and end up having a few drinks and staying later than I thought, it’s ok. Sweet cow’s milk!

Anyway, I made a little slideshow from her 1st year as I did with Leo.  It is so crazy to look back on those early days when I had a 15 month old and a newborn.  But we made it.   The kiddos are best friends and seeing them play and laugh and kiss each other melts my heart.

And I have grown exponentially in my mothering abilities and confidence.   Of course, with time I have fallen in love with Silvia as I did with Leo.  She is a beautiful, smart, active little girl.  She’s more daring than Leo and can already say quite a few words.  She’s a-walking which is so adorable to see her toddle around.  Today she was doing circles.   Here is the slideshow.  Don’t mind the Hey Mama song playing 3 times over.  I was in a hurry to just post the dang thing and didn’t want to find more songs.

And some pics of the special day.

Image She’s wearing a hand-made dress that a friend’s mom made. 

ImageA new dress

ImageCharging the camera

Imagebirthday cake

Imageovertired and fussy while opening presents.

ImageThey were laughing hysterically at one another while she ate the cupcake.


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