The past week in pictures

Picture day!

ImageJoe said that what precluded this picture was Silvia standing in a sumo stance facing Leo with a wooden hammer in her hand while Leo backed up into the recliner.  The evidence (red) is still in her hand in the picture.

Image  Silvia sitting at the annual physics picnic for Joe’s department.

ImageMaking lots of noise with the blocks and laughing at each other.

ImageThese next few were taken at the Indianapolis children’s museum where a friend got me in with her pass.


ImageWater play

ImageBoth of them making music


ImageThey loved my grain-free cauliflower crust pizza which is shown below.  Yum!


ImageLeo pushing Silvia in a little wagon that is meant for legos.

ImageBig girl

ImageEnjoying the swings together

ImageNeighbor girls pushing Silvia and playing with Leo

ImageStopping during the hot walk back from the Farmer’s market which is part of my weekly routine with my friend and her two kids.

ImageSilvia grocery shopping

ImageLeo loves his water table.

ImageShe likes to sit in little containers, like laundry baskets.

Image“yeah, I’m so hot right now”


ImageOur messy eater!

And that is what we’ve been up to for the past week or so.  Leo got sick on Saturday with a fever and it turned into a sore throat.  He’s been sleeping horribly the last few days, but seems back to normal today.  Fingers crossed he doesn’t wake up during the night tonight!  Silvia caught a cold.  Joe seems to be getting the sore throat/fever combination, but I haven’t caught anything yet, even with the lack of sleep!  I didn’t take the kids to the doctor, but I gave Leo honey (to coat the throat) and tylenol once his fever got to about 102 degrees.  At that point he felt on fire and was so lethargic he could only lay around and sleep or cry.  I only gave him about 4 or 5 doses in all.  And I’ve been slipping vitamin C powder in both of the kids’ applesauce along with a small bit of probiotic in their water or on their food.  Really surprised Leo seems to have gotten over the whole thing in 3 days.  But who knows if it was just a short virus or if my tricks really worked.  🙂



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