7 quick takes (Vol. 1)

7 quick takes Friday

1. Silvia is finally taking steps.  Several times she’s taken up to 4 steps!  This makes me so excited.  I was able to forgive her for waking up too early from her nap yesterday because I was having fun trying to get her to walk to me.

2. My little sister’s bachelorette party is this Saturday.  I’ve decided that I just need to come to grips with the fact that I’m not really a beer or wine person anymore.  It’s a secret I’ve kept for too long, even from myself.  But I do like mix drinks.  No idea what I’ll get on Saturday, but any suggestions?  Favorite mix drinks? 

3. It is so strange to see the differences in our children.  Silvia is saying more words than Leo was at this age.  When Joe was asking her if she wanted some ice she repeated it perfectly.  We were joking that she was already passing Leo in her pronunciation of it because he says “ite” for “ice”.  But then just to make sure, I asked Leo to say “ice” and he did so perfectly.  He knew what was at stake.

4. So after being called pack-rats and hoarders (lies) by Joe’s dad, we decided to “pick up” a bit.  Really though, it’s not thattt bad.  For the first time since we moved in, our attic is organized! and very walkable!  It’s so hot up there but I still like to walk around just to admire it.  Also, I’ve reorganized a couple closets (seems like they get a little chaotic again every few months!)  And I finally got around to spreading half a box of baking soda ( probably went overboard there) around Leo’s carpet and let it sit for a while before vacuuming it.   Toddlers and babies can really do some foul things to carpet…..

5.  Speaking of Joe’s dad; he also said our giant microwave (seriously, it’s like a 3 foot beast which we got for $5 at a garage sale) was ghetto because we had it sitting on the floor in the corner of our dining room.  Well I admit this was my doing.  I got into a little phase where I planned to give up the microwave and just use the toaster oven/regular oven.   I thought it’d be healthier and free up way more counter space.  I was pretty gung-ho about it at first but eventually got lazy.  So we’d have to carry our food from the kitchen to the dining room, squat down to press the buttons and check the time on it.  Our visitors thought it was bizarre.  It’s back on the counter top taking up roughly 10 feet of space.

7.  So I think the world really is trying to push us in the direction of smart phones.  I am one of those people who resist fancy phones.  I just got a non-flip phone for the first time a couple weeks ago.  But it sure don’t have that internet thingy on it.  Anyway, I was on my computer trying to figure out why the instagram website didn’t have a register button and I finally realized you need a SMART phone to use it.  Palm slap to the head.  Are there any other bloggers who have to upload photos from their camera to their computer and then their computer to their blog?  It’s a bit stone-age isn’t it?  Or am I the only one and ya’ll are like who is this grandma pretending to be a 26-year old?

Have a great weekend everyone and go see Jen for some more quick-takes.


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